PRO17 Custom Earplugs - Pair

ACS PRO17 Custom Earplugs
Custom made soft silicone earplugs. The PRO17 hearing protection filter gives the most accurate response of any hearing protector in the world. Popular with musicians, DJs, vocalists, sound engineers and frequent visitors to gigs and clubs.For info on Colour, Grips, Cording & Laser Etching options, see the 'Optional Extras' tab below.
Pro 17 Hearing Protection

A detachable neck cord fitted to the earplugs.
An extra section of silicone added to the earplug to aid insertion and removal.
Laser Etching
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Pro 17 Hearing Protection
Pro 17 Filters
Pro Series Colour Chart
Pro with cord (Optional Extra)
Pro with grips and cord (Optional Extras)
Pro with grips (Optional Extra)
ACS PRO Series Box, Case, Cream and Wax Pick
ACS PRO Zip Case
ACS PRO Zip Case
ACS PRO Zip Case