ACS PRO Series Custom Earplugs

Our custom fit PRO Series earplugs have been designed from scratch to our very own specification.
Whether you need them for a work or leisure environment, choose your PRO below and click on the image for full product details.

The soft silicone earplugs are custom made to fit your ears perfectly, combining a comfortable fit with a perfect seal to prevent sound leakage.
Our PRO sound attenuating filters reduce sound to safe levels rather than just blocking it out, and we have seven different filters
available to provide you with the most appropriate level of noise reduction.

To help you make an informed choice, check out our PRO Series comparison guide
For information on safe listening times using ACS PRO Series products check out our guide

NOTE: PRO Earplugs require impressions of your ears to custom make them for a perfect fit.
The ear impression service is available throughout the UK and is provided free of charge when you purchase
a custom-made product direct from ACS.
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PRO10 Custom Earplugs
ACS Pro 10

Our lowest sound reduction hearing protectors.

Great for acoustic musicians, small ensembles, and anyone who isn't exposed to high noise levels for long periods of time.

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PRO15 Custom Earplugs
ACS Pro 15

A subtle filter with a medium attenuation.

Suitable for unplugged musicians including vocalists, wood and brass musicians, and orchestras.

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PRO17 Custom Earplugs
ACS Pro 17

The most versatile and natural sounding hearing protector in the world.

The standard for amplified musicians, DJ's, vocalists, sound engineers, clubbers and gig-goers.

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PRO20 Custom Earplugs
ACS Pro 20

Designed to soften harsh high frequency sounds.

Ideal hearing protector for drummers and some industrial uses.

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PRO26 Custom Earplugs
ACS Pro 26

For use in very loud and challenging environments.

Used in a wide variety of industrial environments, as well as by sound engineers, amplified musicians and venue staff.

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PRO27 Custom Earplugs
ACS Pro 27

Exceptional attenuation in dangerously loud high frequency environments.

Used in extreme industry environments, and popular with sound engineers, event staff and seriously loud amplified musicians.

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PRO Impulse Custom Earplugs
ACS Pro Impulse

New addition to the PRO range designed specifically for shooting.

Two modes of operation allow this filter to give a constant mid-level of protection, as well as reacting to give high level protection against sudden impulse noise such as gunfire.

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