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T2 Dual Driver Monitor
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Product Details

A rich and varied legacyACS T2_CLASSIC6

The ACS T2™ is a workhorse for many performing musicians and audiophiles providing rich, full-bodied sound during live performances as well as for personal listening. ACS T2 In-Ear Monitors provide unbeatable clarity, comfort and isolation for those that demand the best audio reproduction. T2 In-Ear Monitors are individually crafted from soft silicone which makes wearing and removing them a snap and allows a greater degree of movement for the wearer. Because silicone flexes with the movement of the jaw it maintains more consistent noise isolation of around 26db during vocal performances and, as it reaches body temperature quickly, you'll soon forget that you're wearing them at all which is why they've become the mainstay of a long line of successful performers.

A perfect match

The T2 utilises twin balanced armature transducers to deliver an incredibly detailed response that extends from below 20hz to 16Khz. Each of the transducers used in the T2 has been carefully selected to deliver unrivalled range, clarity and depth. Because balanced armature transducers have a high resistance to mechanical shock, coupled with the impact protection of the silicon shield, the T2 offers consistent performance time after time.

Core strengths

Making sure that we use the right cable to deliver your sound is as important as every other aspect in the design of our monitors so we make sure they are just as well thought out. Starting with the best conductive core we then add kevlar threads for strength and flexibility so that we can be sure you'll get the performance you demand. Each cable is sheathed with a special finish that reduces the transmission of friction noise to the earpieces so there's as little interference as possible. The cable is then clamped at the Y divide with a custom pressed lengthened binder to give it extra strength where you need it most. Finally, each cable is finished with our custom-moulded right-angled plug offering high levels of resilience as well as quality with a gold-plated 3.5mm connector and iPhone compatible shoulder design.

Detailed conclusionPaly Case3

It's the finishing touches that make every one of our hand-made monitors completely unique from a choice of cable colours to a selection of bespoke silicone finishes. Every monitor can be laser etched with lettering of your choice and is supplied in a customised rugged case to ensure your monitors are protected wherever you might travel.

SRP £499

*Please check pricing with your dealer when booking your appointment.

ACS T2™ Classic In-Ear Monitor now available from Harrods (Tel: 07841 385612) and from Selfridges (Tel: 07590 268564) for more information.




Active Drivers 2
Build Material 40 Shore Silicone with SteriTouch
Mould Type Full Concha
Cable Type Kevlar reinforced with anti-friction sheath
Standard Cable Colour Translucent
Standard Colour Clear
Connector 3.5mm gold plated moulded
Standard Cable Exit Top (over the ear)
Frequency Response 16Hz ~ 20KHz
Noise Isolation 26dB
Impedance 6.83 Ohms
Items Included Carry pouch, personalised rugged case, wax pick, care and usage instructions, comfort cream, step-up jack connector adaptor


Product Downloads

Download the latest T-Series care and usage instructions.

Download the latest product specification sheets.


Items included...

  • ACS Monitor case
  • Faux leather zip carry pouch
  • Wax Pick
  • Comfort Cream
  • Care and Instruction Booklet
  • 3.5mm to 1/4" inch step-up stereo plug 

Optional extra's...

  • Colour (see chart below) 
  • Laser Etching - up to 10 characters

T-Series Classic In-ear monitors are available in a range of silicone colours..

colour chart_new

Swirling of any two colours together is also available.

More review the ACS T2 Classic launched in March 2009 to bring readers the stories, people and ideas that are changing our day-to-day world. The teams of editors in London and around the globe aim to bring you the most important, interesting and inspiring news and features, 24/7.

Read the review here...

* description taken from the About Us section of its' website award the ACS T2 with 10/10 reviewed and awarded the ACS T2 monitor with a 10 out of 10 rating. The technology focused website has 2 million unique hits per month and is seen as a trusted source for product reviews and technology news. Read the review here...

Comments from Mal Herring, a customer that bought the ACS T2 Classic...

If you like listening then you'll love feeling it. Words cannot describe the feeling you get when you hear clarity that cannot be described. I was very sceptical spending such an amount on headphone but boys will be boys and I so I brought the best gadget I own. Feeling like you're onstage with Queen or in the same room as Bill Withers while recording is amazing. Every note, every sound can be pinpointed in the room. No matter what's thrown at the T series you'll feel shivers as you wake to how good music can feel, no matter your taste, be that Prodigy or Pendulum to Duran Duran or Bob Dylan, Take it from me if you will - You'll never regret your first pair of T's.

Comments from Ola Onabule, the Soul and Jazz singer songwriter who uses the ACS T2 Classic...

I tell myself “I've been around, I know a thing or two about my game” , the singing game that is. I tell myself I can distill this thing or two that I know into a few handy aphorisms. Some of the better known ones in said game include the evergreen: “You can't polish a you-know-what, but you can stick a flag in it, hype it up and sell it to a lot of people (…as art?)”. Another favourite goes like this: “Don't expect to hear yourself as you'd like to ...or as you think you sound in your head, through the monitors at a live performance. Somethings belong in the controlled environment of the studio, not on a raucous stage at a jazz-funky gig!”. Fair do's, I guess. I've repeated this particular little maxim to myself countless times. Often at the point where I've felt the last spark of positivity fizzle out in my soul at the prospect of an entire gig with scant vocal intelligibility, presaged by a deeply unsatisfactory sound-check, where my voice is little more than a pathetic mid frequency interference amongst competing sounds, squashed behind an immutable feedback curtain. However, I think ACS killed this last adage. I'll explain. 

ACS (Advanced Communication Solutions) make bespoke Silicone moulded, multi driver In-Ear monitors of exceedingly high quality. I got a pair of their 'T' series and and toddled off to Germany to perform with the Grammy Award winning WDR Big Band. A musical experience every singer both intensely relishes and is slightly apprehensive of. This band swings, real hard! With masterful dynamics that cover the gamut of whisper quiet delicacy to thunderously loud blasts! For mere vocal chords and ears, keeping up with all that power, requires superior monitoring. Such monitoring should present a wide frequency range to the performer. A range wide enough to recreate the ensemble, the ambience of the room and the audience response with stunning realism and yet place him/her solidly at the center of their sound field with a clarity that competes effortlessly with that 'In-the-recordingstudio' quality. The ACS T2 Classic's did all this and more ...and at a very comfortable volume, with bags of headroom to spare on my receiver pack. The unstrained aural performance was underpinned by the sheer comfort of the bespoke moulded silicone ear pieces which warm up to body temperature in no time such that I quickly forgot I was wearing them. 

Finally, as a singer I have few/no pieces of kit to pack up at the end of any gig but all of a sudden felt on the same footing as the Drummer as I 'packed' my 'plugs' into its sturdy yet tidy little Pelican case! This is a phenomenal piece of equipment for the ear-health conscious and discerning professional. Simple as! Life before my 'plugs' is a distant memory' I can get on with the business of doing my business to my own high expectations, without whinging on to stressed-out monitor engineers about not hearing myself... ...and I'm glad that ACS T2 Classic In-Ear Monitors debunked one of my little aphorisms. I think the other one may well stand the test of time though!

To find out more about Ola Onabule visit his website -

Let us know your experiences with the ACS T2 Classic here...