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Latest News from ACS...

Did you know...

You can turn your custom earplugs into in-ear monitors?

I feel compelled this week to write about the T15 IEMs for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it has received some impressive reviews recently and we’re very pleased that our first foray into the world of generic fit IEMs has gone down so well., a website dedicated to in-depth reviews of consumer technology said ‘Runners will find the small design and superb silicon tips deliver a fit that doesn't slip, frequent travelers will love the noise isolation that means they don't need to ratchet up the volume to hear their music and the flush finish means some people could even wear them in bed.’ They went on to score the T15 10 out of 10, something that doesn’t happen very often. Read the full review here
Since the reviews have appeared online we’ve began to get more calls from customers asking if the T15 can be customised just like all of our other IEMs and the answer is yes, this is how…
 ACS T15

We’ve designed the T15 with a tip the same shape as the filters for our PRO series hearing protection so that customers that have our earplugs can adapt them to IEMs with a T15. Many musicians or general music enthusiasts have earplugs from us and ask about the IEMs so the T15 is a perfect solution. If you’re reading this thinking ‘damn, I’ve got ER series earplugs’ don’t look away just yet. We provide an adapter free of charge that allows the T15 to fit inside the ER moulds so no matter what ACS earplug you’ve got you can get a T15 to fit.
If you’re in the Banbury or London area and already have a pair of our earplugs then why not book an appointment to have a listen to the T15… you won’t be disappointed!

Check out the T15 here

Rather Busy I'd Say...

Wow! Feels good to have a moment to write this update and reflect on what’s been going on at ACS...

First off, after many years of research and development we are proud to present the new T Series Live! All details can be found in the In-Ear Monitors section at the top of the website. We felt that this product was ready to be presented to the world now but what is to come is the best part....

Every T1 Live! has a pair of built-in, sub miniature, wideband, flat response microphones! Interfacing our new ambient sound processor between the wireless belt pack and your T1 Live! in-ear monitors, will allow you to introduce and adjust your ambient surroundings independently from the mix. Imagine being able to control the outside sound and safely eliminate the isolation experienced by wearing good sealing in ear monitors.

With the arrival early next year of our Live! series ambient processor, isolation will become a thing of the past. Plug in and experience your own individual sound environment as though you have nothing in your ears!

In other news...

ACS only went and received a 5 G! Rating from Channel 5’s The Gadget Show for it’s T1 Classic In-Ear Monitor. Never been so proud to see our product on the telly getting such a great review. If you missed it you can catch it again here:


EMA2011We were at the MTV European Music Awards (EMAs) at the beginning of November backstage with the artists and staff taking ear impressions and giving demonstrations of the Live! series IEMs ahead of the official launch at the start of December. The EMAs is an annual event that celebrates the best pop acts around the world voted for by MTV viewers. We were located in the dressing room area and spent Saturday and Sunday talking to artists, engineers and event staff about everything hearing protection and in-ear monitoring related.

For most of Americans it was the first time they had seen our products and it is fair to say they were pretty excited by what they saw. As a result we made some great contacts with US musicians, not only are LMFAO now using ACS products we have Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber's tour crew using our IEMs and hearing protection so it was definitely worth the trip over to Belfast for the weekend. 

Oh and look who else took the chance to get some PRO 17s...

The Hoff 

Latest from Twitter

ACS @ Lovebox

Last weekend (15/16/17th July) ACS went to Lovebox Festival at Victoria Park in London.  Tim, Adam and Mat were there for the full 3 days where acts such as Example, Katy B, Snoop Dogg and the Scissor Sisters were performing.

ACS were backstage with our fully kitted out van offering hearing protection tests, taking moulds and talking to people about our products.

We took ear impressions  for event organisers, security staff and the musicians themselves. Festivals are great place to meet a variety of people involved in live music events, we speak to a variety of people including sound engineers wanting earplugs from the PRO or ER series, through to drummers requiring IEM’s for playing to click tracks.

ACS provides the on-site festival service for many UK festivals during the summer. We know how busy musicians are so by putting ourselves where they are it is convenient for them and we enjoy it too. We also provide free foam earplugs for kids and passers by backstage that need to protect their ears.

Did you know…for any singers performing on stage ACS would advise using our PRO 17s

The PRO-17 is the flattest response filter in the PRO range. Designed specifically for musicians and vocal performers, the PRO-17 gives one of the most accurate responses of any hearing protector with flat 17dB protection across the board. Keeping all frequencies in check relative to one another means you get to hear the music just as it should sound but 17dB quieter with no loss of high or low frequencies. Not only does the PRO-17 provide a balanced reproduction but, for vocal performers, its vented design reduces occlusion giving your voice a more natural sound making the hearing protector more transparent so you can concentrate on your performance.


ACS @ Global Gathering

On Friday 29th and Sat 30th of July ACS went to Global Gathering in Stratford. with the festival running for its 11th year in a row and with figures reaching around 50,000 people in 2010, 2011 was bound to be a big one! Tim and Adam were there from start till finish where acts such as Beardy Man, Swedish House Mafia and Tiny Tempah were performing.

We had the pleasure of being situated near BPM who were doing all of the special effects such as fireworks loud bangs and pyrotechnics etc also a few of their employees purchased our ER and PRO Series ear plugs as they were highly recommended by their colleagues and friends.

ACS were behind the main stage talking to customers, offering advice and also free hearing tests to artists, musicians and workers. We provide an on-site festival service to all types of music events across the UK. We were taking ear moulds for all types of poeple, from Photographers to event organisers security staff and the DJ’s themselves. Festivals are a great way to meet all different types of people involved in music events and ACS really enjoy being a part of this.

For drummers requiring IEM’s and playing to click tracks, ACS would reccommend using our T2 Monitors as they maintain a clear and crisp treble sound and also gives a great bass response with our seperate bass speaker.