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ACS T15 Single Driver Monitor


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Product Details

Complete versatility and convenience
The T15 is one of the most versatile in-ear monitors available offering both custom and universal fit options. The T15 comes with a broad array of interchangeable generic tips to fit any ear so you can enjoy the T15’s clarity and accuracy straight from the box, regardless of your ear shape, being assured of a snug, isolating fit every time. If you’re a user of either ER series or PRO series custom-fit earplugs you can also use the T15 as a custom-fit monitor by simply removing the filters from your earplugs and pressing the T15 in their place giving you instant custom-fit monitors which also means that you can easily upgrade your T15 to custom-fit with a set of ER or PRO series custom molds.

No compromise

The T15 offers incredible sound from a single, lightweight driver that doesn’t compromise on perfomance. Whether your use the T15 with universal, PRO series or ER series tips you get the same impressive performance delivering all the detail you need with enough bass to ensure that you get rich and full-bodied sound, even in noisy environments. The T15 has been specifically designed to offer great isolation in any configuration allowing crystal clear sound across all frequencies so the T15 is perfect for listening to or performing a plethora of music genres.

Continuous innovation

The all new T15 is a completely redesigned earphone offering unbeatable sound in a lightweight and resilient chassis that’s perfect for both personal listening and live performance. Using a carefully selected balanced armature driver to give the best sound from its more rigid casing the T15 employs forethought and innovation throughout. Making sure that we use the right cable to deliver your sound is as important as every other aspect in the design of our monitors so we make sure they are just as well thought out. Starting with the best conductive core we then add Kevlar threads for strength and flexibility so that we can be sure you’ll get the performance you demand. Each cable is sheathed with a special finish that reduces the transmission of friction noise to the earpieces so there’s as little interference as possible. The cable is then clamped at the Y divide with a custom pressed lengthened binder to give it extra strength where you need it most. Finally, each cable is finished with our custom-molded right-angled plug offering high levels of resilience as well as quality with a gold-plated 3.5mm connector and iPhone compatible shoulder design.

Ready to go

As well as being the perfect complement to your ER or PRO series molds, the T15 is ready to go straight from the box with a range of universal fit tips to suit a range of ear shapes so you can be assured of a comfortable fit with complete isolation. The T15 is also supplied with a rigid zip case to keep your monitors protected whether you’re taking them with you out and about or keeping them in a flight case with the rest of your equipment.

MSRP $229.00

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Active Drivers  1
Build Material Rigid Shell
Mold Type N/A
Cable Type Kevlar reinforced with anti-friction sheath
Standard Cable Color Black 
Standard Color Black
Connector 3.5mm gold plated molded
Standard Cable Exit Bottom
Frequency Response 16Hz ~ 20KHz
Noise Isolation 26dB with Universal Tips
Impedance 41.5 Ohms
Items Included Instructions leaflet, Rigid carry pouch, Selection of Tips




More review the ACS T15

The ACS T15 trumps vastly more expensive rivals and blows away the competition in its price range. Runners will find the small design and superb silicon tips deliver a fit that doesn't slip, frequent travellers will love the noise isolation that means they don't need to ratchet up the volume to hear their music and the flush finish means some people could even wear them in bed.. 

ACS T15 IEM Review


It's a Headphone thing! In Depth Review of the ACS T15

"The comfort is great; these IEMs just disappear in your ears. The provided tips (especially the triple flanges) are very good; they’re very soft and they don’t bother my ears at all."

"Analytical sound with great bass extension and supreme detailing, well built with its sturdy plastic housings, tiny, comfortable, great provided accessories."

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For a balanced armature driver the T15 is one of the most exciting and pleasurable earphones to listen to. It isn’t bland and sounds lively. For a single driver monitor it sure does perform well. The bass doesn’t have an intense punch but it does have enough impact to be enjoyable for extended periods. This makes them a good earphone to take a nap with in the bus or train. Fatigue is simply not an issue.

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