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ACS Custom USA, LLC 

New York (Head Office)      Los Angeles

@ SIR Studios                   1616 Vista Del Mar
520 W 25th Street            Los Angeles, CA 
New York, NY                  90028

646 559 5642       




Have an Etymotic Voucher? 

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How To Redeem Etymotic Custom Sleeve Vouchers

Step 1: Download, complete, and print voucher form - Etymotic Voucher

Step 2: Research local audiologists in your area that will provide impression taking as a service. 

Step 3: Call the audiologist to make an appointment, and be clear that you have an Etymotic Voucher that requires ear impressions only.

*If you are in the NYC area you can come to the ACS office for free impressions with your voucher order form.

Step 4: Your audiologist will take your ear impressions. The fees associated with the impression service are not included in the price of your custom products through ACS Custom. ACS Custom does not set audiologist pricing, but you might spend up to $40-80 for this service.

Step 5: Have the audiologist give you the impressions packaged in a small box, and then ship the impressions and Etymotic Voucher to:
ACS Custom USA
SIR Studios
520 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001

Step 6: Once ACS receives your impressions with the voucher we will call you to confirm your order and make payment. The custom sleeves are clear as standard, but color options are available for an added $10. See the color options on the Custom Sleeve page. The standard charge is $80, plus shipping.

If you want ACS to send a shipping label please call or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . $10 will be added to the total cost.

Step 7: The order will take a week in the lab, and 5 business days to ship. You will have your custom sleeves via UPS two weeks after ACS receives a payment.

Step 8: ACS will keep your impressions on file for an additional 4 years.