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ACS Live! Ambient Processor

It's time to take your Live! in ear monitors to the next level
Sales price: $700.00

Let's Go Live!

The key to this product’s success is the microphones; with this in mind we have selected the best Omni-directional microphones available. They have a response curve which matches the natural hearing response of the ear and thanks to the positioning of the microphones they give a very natural sounding ambient experience with full 3D spatiality.

The usual mix is fed into the pack via the 3.5mm Line-In; the ambient signal can then be mixed onto the input using the gain adjustment dial. We have built in a PAD option in the menu which is adjusted using the Nav switch on the side of the pack. The PAD feature is there so the Ambient Pack can be used in very loud environments without causing the microphones to distort. In the menu is also an A.L.C (Automatic Level Control) option which is a compression system built into the DSP (Digital Signal Processor), this is very useful in rehearsal and sound checking situations where there is a constant change in volume and the risk of loud spikes in volume. With ALC activated quieter sounds will be amplified to be heard easier and loud spikes will be compressed to give an extra level of protection and to keep a more consistent ambient volume level at the ear.

The all-aluminium housing will ensure longevity of the product to ensure it survives the day to day knocks and travelling when on tour. On the back is a custom made high strength sprung steel belt clip which is secured with 4 screws to the rear housing. Even the battery door which houses the two AA batteries powering the pack is aluminium for a premium finish. The two AA batteries will give you at least 30 hours battery life under usual usage conditions.

Note: Due to the nature of the product, please allow at least a month for your order to be processed