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ACS custom earpieces for broadcasting & entertainment

When you work in a live environment you know the importance of getting things right first time and having things run smoothly...


ACS custom earpieces are used across the globe by security staff, TV presenters, production staff, radio DJs and many more. Ranging from acoustic molds (commonly known as IFB earpieces) to triple driver in-ear monitors we can build a solution to any specification.

Using custom earpieces instantly makes the user feel more secure. It improves the quality and isolation of the sound, fits so comfortable you can forget you're wearing it and 

looks so discreet that nobody will see it. When there’s an important job at hand, you need to rely on your earpiece, whether it’s for producers instructions or protection from loud crowd noise. During physical activity, ACS custom earpieces stay put and offer unprecedented comfort that allows you to work unhindered for a long period of time.

Uniquely, our PRO series earplugs also allow you to turn your earplugs into radio communication earpieces simply by removing the attenuation filter and inserting the acoustic tubing of an existing earpiece or our T15 IEMs. A solution perfect for security staff that need to isolate the radio instructions but also hear outside noise, but at a reduced protected level. This exact solution is used by Madison Square Garden security and was instrumental to the staff of the Coca Cola Olympic torch relay in Britain during the summer.




Key features to using ACS custom earpieces:

-       Compatible with most radio systems  -       Made from soft silicone material to increase comfort

-       Carefully selected balanced armature drivers for clear and precise audio playback

-       Audiologist network throughout the US for ear impressions

-       Fast manufacturing times

-       Handmade in New York, USA & impression call-out service available

-       1 year warranty

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ACS supplies

ESPN, NBC, Sky Sports, BBC, ITV, Madison Square Garden, Coca Cola Olympic torch relay team, Formula 1 racing and many more...  


When I'm presenting on a live show I rely heavily on my custom ACS earpiece. In any live show there's always a lot of moving parts. From the roar of the crowd to my interview guest standing right next to me talking in my ear - its imperative that I can communicate with my director, producers and gallery clearly and without interference.

Every occupation has its tool of choice. Like a plumber needs a wrench or a doctor needs a scalpel - presenters need an earpiece. Its our lifeline to the production team and on a live show you don't get second chances to hear a direction from the gallery or an update from your producer. You have to hear it first time and my ACS custom gives me the clarity and volume I need.

It fits securely, discretely and more comfortably than any other earpiece I've used and isolates exactly what I need to hear.

- Tim Kash, MTV

Tim kash

On a complex project like the Olympic torch relay clear communications across the teams is key, especially in noisy environments. ACS were great to work with and provided a perfect solution that fitted the project and kept the team connected, my thanks to the team at ACS’

- James Williams Director, Olympic Torch Relay, Coca-Cola London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games Project Team


Pricing & availability 

Ear impressions are required in order to produce custom earpieces. ACS has a network of audiologists across the US that you can locate by clicking the 'Find an Audiologist' tab at the top of the page. In New York, ACS can take impressions at our office & lab within SIR Studios, midtown Manhattan. We also offer a call out service to offices/studios/venues.

Pricing starts at $75 dependant on the model of earpiece required. Call ACS or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote.