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ACS PRO 17 Hearing Protection

Product Details

A revolution in custom hearing protectionACS PRO_17_Top

The PRO 17 is the flattest response filter in the PRO range. Designed specifically for musicians and vocal performers, the PRO 17 gives one of the most accurate responses of any hearing protector with flat 17dB protection across the board. Keeping all frequencies in check relative to one another means you get to hear the music just as it should sound - but 17dB quieter with no loss of high or low frequencies. Not only does the PRO 17 provide a balanced reproduction but, for vocal performers, its vented design reduces occlusion, giving your voice a more natural sound making the hearing protector more transparent so you can concentrate on your performance.

A sterling performance across the board

The PRO 17 has one of the flattest responses of any hearing protector worldwide, offering an accurate representation for anyone that requires complete fidelity from their ear plugs. With an average attenuation of 17dB, the PRO 17 is perfect for musicians and vocalists performing with amplification as they are able to extend your safe listening time by more than 5 times. The PRO 17 keeps all the clarity of the music by attenuating evenly throughout the frequency spectrum so you can listen and perform hearing everything you usually would but at a lower, safer

The next generation of filter design

The PRO filter series has been designed anew with the wearer in mind. For starters, it’s smaller than many competing filters, meaning that it can fit into smaller ears without any protrusion - which is great for both comfort and aesthetics. The filters are also user-swappable so you can chop and change as your environment demands to any other filter in the PRO range, giving you complete control over your protection with just a single set of earmoulds. In addition, the PRO series are water resistant so they can be used outside or in high moisture environments and can withstand perspiration without it damaging the filter membrane.

The curse of the occlusion effect

Trying to create a natural sounding earplug is no mean feat as far as your own voice is concerned because, as you may have experienced, when you block off your ear canal your own voice starts to boom inside your head (this is what we call occlusion). This is caused by sound that is carried to your ear canal through the cartilage at the side of your head, which usually escapes through the open ear canal so is not heard. When we block off the canal this sound cannot escape and so creates that booming effect. A large amount of occlusion can be eliminated by ensuring that the earplug sits deep enough into the ear canal to extend past the cartilage. This ensures that the sound hits the plug and is deadened rather than entering the canal at all. The PRO filters go one step further by being vented to allow sound to pass both ways, meaning that remaining sound can escape directly through the filter providing one of the most natural sounding earplugs available. 

SRP £139

*Please check pricing with your dealer when booking your appointment

Please Note: You are able to exchange the attenuating filters on your PRO and ER Series earplugs within 30 days of purchase, giving you the option to receive the ideal amount of hearing protection for your environment.

*This free of charge exchange can only be exchanged once and within 30 days.

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Tailor made for you

The PRO-17 is custom-made using soft medical-grade silicone so you get the very best in isolation and fit allowing you to wear them for hours at a time without fatigue or discomfort. Each earpiece is manufactured to the highest standards ensuring you get a comfortable, discreet and effective hearing protector that can be fitted quickly, easily and securely every time.

Build Material 40 Shore Silicone with SterlTouch
Mould Type Canal Mould
Standard Color Clear




Conforms to EN352-2:2002

Product Downloads

Download the latest PRO Series care and usage instructions.

Download the latest product specification sheets.


Items included...ACS PRO WITH CORD

  • Carry Pouch
  • Wax Pick
  • Comfort Cream
  • Care and Instruction Booklet

Optional extras...

  • Grips to aid removal - £10
  • Cording - £10
  • Colour (see chart below) - £10
  • Laser Etching - up to 10 characters - £10

PRO hearing protectors are available in a range of silicone colours..

colour chart_new

Swirling of any two colours together is also available.


Comments from Alistair Viles, a customer that bought the ACS PRO 17

I am very pleased with my PRO 17's. They have a much flatter response than other attenuators that I have used previously. I used them at the X Factor final last night and they worked perfectly at blocking out the screaming of the crowd while still enabling me to work comfortably and have normal conversations.

Comments from Natali Shaked, a customer that bought the ACS PRO 17

I have always been very involved in music from a very young age but only really became aware of the dangers of loud environments. I simply could not believe such perfect attenuation and occlusion could be accomplished. I understood the science of it but somehow was still pessimistic as to how well it would work. I simply had to try them out as I have become so increasingly aware of the importance of my ears and hearing.

I was going to Field Day festival in Victoria Park. I excitedly took them with me. When I first had them in at the festival I must say that they did feel a little weird, but anything you try the first time that you are not used to does feel a little weird. Most of all there was a pure fascination as to how well I could hear things, how balanced everything was, and how I could still hear and speak to my friends normally. I wanted them to be something I got used to. Once that hour was up, I was in heaven. Everything seemed to be at the perfect volume, I could enjoy the music more because my ears were not fatigued after the first three minutes, overall I found myself loving the music so much and hearing all the frequencies so beautifully balanced. Most importantly as a lead vocalist, I felt like there was no "barrier" between me and what was going on, I felt completely connected and even more "in tune". I woke up this morning after a long night of partying.

No ringing in my ears. No pain. Quite simply fabulous guys!

Hungover and battered after a night of partying I had to pull myself together to send someone something about this amazing product. I cannot thank you enough, this has truly changed everything for me and I am sure I will be going on about these to everyone I know for quite some time and will hopefully change some of their experiences and perspectives too. I know I'm not rich and famous yet, but when I am I would be honoured to endorse your product as both a musician and an audio engineer. I would like to share my experience with others who may be as interested and skeptical as I was.

Also I believe young people should be aware of the importance of their ears and hearing, these earplugs should not only end up being sold to people involved with music but to all young people as parties, gigs and loud music is such a part of the culture and I do believe that people just dont know or understand the importance of protecting their hearing until it's too late.

Who else uses ACS kit...

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The ACS ER20 hearing protector has been allowing musicians and music lovers the world over to enjoy live music without the risk of damage to their hearing. The ER20 is filtered to allow you to enjoy the full dynamic range of your music at lower, safer volumes avoiding the muffling effect that you experience with foam earplugs.

Your audio gatekeeper

The ER20 is fitted with a flanged rubber tip that creates an isolating seal in your ear canal to block out sound so that it can then control what gets in and what doesn't. The central chamber of the plug creates an accoustic channel that feeds the sound up to the filter at the base of the eartip where the ER filter shaves an average of 16dB off across all frequencies giving the effect of turning the volume down on the world around you with no muffling.

The graph below shows the attenuation characteristics of the ER20 against a standard foam earplug illustrating the additional fidelity acheived as the frequency increases.


ER20 earplugs are supplied with their own carry case so you can carry them with you whenever you need them.

SRP £12.99

Limited Stock Available