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Making your favourite even betterACS Custom_Sleeves

Many people already use in-ear headphones from a variety of manufacturers and have found their sound of choice for personal listening or even live monitoring. ACS offer a cost-effective custom-fit solution that can make your favourite earphones the best they can be with optimum isolation, superb comfort and a broader soundstage.

If your earphones use balanced armature drivers you'll know how important it is to get a perfect seal to make sure that you get the full dynamic range from your music.

The only tailor made fit

Although you're already using the tips for your earphones that you find the most comfortable and that most likely give you the best isolation for your ear, the custom-fit experience is completely different. The custom-fit tip for your earphone is completely made to measure for your ear so you get complete comfort without any feeling of pressure or tricky fitting techniques and when they warm to body temperature you can easily forget that you're wearing them. Because each tip is made to perfectly fit your ear canal you'll also find them to be more secure as they're not using pressure to try to cling to the inside of your ear but are perfectly snug.

Your very own listening room
ACS Custom_Sleeves_T15

Standard tips can provide varying isolation depending on the design of the tip, whether you choose to use foam or rubber tips and the shape of your ear. Using custom-fit tips gives you a perfect seal every time meaning you get up to 26dB isolation from outside noise. This means that you get better clarity from your earphones because there is less external disturbance, this means that you can listen at lower levels avoiding distortion and allowing your earphones to deliver the sound they were intended to unhindered.

Price: 1000 DKK

*Please check pricing with your dealer when booking your appointment


Click here to download the lastest list of compatible earphones



Custom-fit compatible earphones list ā€“ August 2011


Items included...

  • Carry Pouch
  • Wax Pick 
  • Comfort Cream
  • Care and Instruction Booklet 

PRO hearing protectors are available in a range of silicone colours..

colour chart_new

NOTE: Swirling of colours is not available with ACS Custom Sleeves. Headphones are not included with this product.


Comments from Anna Gribben, a customer that bought a pair of ACS Custom Sleeves

I am not one for writing reviews on product, but in this case I felt I must.

After numerous purchases of off-the-shelf earphones, I had nearly given up on my search to find a pair that stayed in my ears for more than 30 seconds whilst running. The best I had managed was to wear a headband or hat to keep them vaguely in my ears!

I found ACS by searching online. Compared with other similar products on offer the information was clearest and the most professional I found, which considering the significant investment is and trying something completely new is important. I also liked the fact that I did not pay until I had an appointment for my ear moulds to be made.

From my appointment, my earphone took 3 weeks to arrive. They are absolutely brilliant! I have now run more than 10 times using them and they have needed no adjustment at any point whilst running. The really are the perfect solution.

As the sound quality is good and their perfect fit blocks outside noise, I find the volume on my ipod need only be 50% the previous level, which Iā€™m sure is also better for my hearing.

I view them as an investment as I will never need to buy earphones again! Thank you ACS ā€“ a great product.