ACS to educate ICMP on importance of hearing protection

Advanced Communication Solution is once again teaming up with Wembley Drum Centre to run a hearing protection workshop for students at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) to create awareness of the possible hearing dangers when around music.
This year's event will be held on Wednesday 18th November at ICMP's headquarters in Kilburn, London. Kicking off at around 7pm, students new and old will be invited to attend along with staff, musicians and anyone who is serious about music. ACS and Wembley Drum Centre will be running a 45 minute long presentation that will involve audience participation and various demonstrations. Following the session, there will be a chance for students to have their ear impressions taken on-site if they are interested in purchasing custom ear protection.
For more information on the ICMP hearing protection workshop, or for anything else related with hearing protection please contact Adam Rhodes on 01295 266665 or email Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!">Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

Awareness!® The Headphone App

Awareness! is an app that allows headphone users to hear what’s going on around them while listening to music (or any other audio) on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Awareness! uses the iPhone’s built in microphone or your headset’s inline microphone to analyze your surroundings and overlays any important sounds in your headphones over your music or audio book. (for outdoor use an inline headset mic is required)

You can set a mic threshold level so that the mic is only switched on when a sound is louder than your background noise.

Awareness! lets your hear when the person next to you talks, or if you are out walking or cycling, when a car or truck blows its horn.

Awareness! works brilliantly in most situations, however if you’re standing close to loud machinery or are in an environment where the noise levels are particularly high, the microphone may be inadvertently triggered.

In situations like this, its best to turn the microphone on continuously (by tapping the mic icon) and turning the mic volume down to an acceptable level while still being able to hear environmental noise, this allows you to hear any important sounds or changes in your surroundings while using headphones.

It may also be advisable to use the AutoPause or ducking features. Note: We never advise the use of headphones or earphones anywhere where danger may be present, Awareness! does not replace common sense.

Find more on the website here !

Awareness Headphone App

Live & Local…

As we’re a British company, making handmade custom products, we wanted to spread the home-grown spirit a little and so will be following the journey and successes of one of our local artists.

Our featured artist for 2012 is the wonderful Aurora J Young – based up the road from our office, but destined to tour all over the world, Aurora’s brand of blues and soul-inspired pop was right up our street. Almost literally. 

She’ll be updating us regularly with what’s going on – starting right now. Enjoy!

A word from Aurora…

“The launch of my debut single 'Charmer' has arrived! It is with great pleasure that I can announce the long awaited release can be purchased from iTunesAmazon & Bandcamp as of March 12th 2012.

Written on Valentine’s Day 2010, 'Charmer' is a literally a labour of love. The music was originally written by my good friend and the massively talented John Gardiner. I wrote the lyrics and vocal lines and then developed the arrangement with my band over about 18 months. Although it has taken a while, we have still been working on the album in-between and the first release had to be of a high standard…!

I have worked with some incredible musicians, sound engineers and producers to bring you the first track from my debut album. Along with Stevie Matt Cooper - the core of this project - we collaborated with Hugh Edwards on drums, Michael Bennion on Bass, Grant Ray Fox & Danny Young on guitar and George Shilling on Cello. Charmer was recorded at Snap! Studios, Frequency Studios and Bank Cottage Studios by Peter Junge, Aaron Maguire and George Shilling.

I will be performing an intimate acoustic set at the Also Known As bar in Banbury on Thursday 15th March to celebrate the launch. I  Charmer CD Artworkwill be supported by Stevie Matt Cooper performing a solo set of catchy folk songs and Ben Adams & Andy White will be strumming out some rock and soul covers. It all kicks off at 8:00pm and entry is free!

More live dates are currently being announced on my website so keep an eye out for those."

A x

Wussten Sie schon?

Sie können aus Ihrer angepassten Otoplastik einen In-Ear-Monitor machen.

Diese Woche fühle ich mich gezwungen, ein paar sehr positive Dinge über den T15 IEM zu schreiben. Zum einen hat dieser vor kurzem beeindruckende Kritiken erhalten und wir sind sehr erfreut, dass unser erster Ausflug in die Welt der generischen fit-IEMs so gut gelaufen ist., eine Website für ausführliche Bewertungen in Bezug auf Verbrauchertechnologie sagte: "Runners will find the small design and superb silicon tips deliver a fit that doesn't slip, frequent travelers will love the noise isolation that means they don't need to ratchet up the volume to hear their music and the flush finish means some people could even wear them in bed." Sie bewerteten den T15 mit 10 von 10 Punkten! Den vollständigen Bericht können Sie hier lesen.
Seitdem diese Bewertungen Online erschienen sind, haben uns viele Kunden gefragt, ob die T15 Hörer ebenfalls wie alle anderen unserer IEMs angepasst werden können. Die Antwort lautet ja, und so geht's...
 ACS T15

Wir haben den T15 mit einer Spitze konzipiert, die dem Filter der PRO-Serie gleicht. So können Kunden, die bereits einen ACS PRO Gehörschutz haben den T15 IEM mit ihrer bereits angepassten Otoplastik verwenden. Viele Musiker und Musikliebhaber, die Otoplastiken von uns haben, fragen nun nach einem In Ear Monitoring. In dem Fall ist der T15 die ideale Lösung. Wenn Sie nun beim Lesen denken "verdammt, ich habe aber einen ER Gehörschutz", dann schauen Sie jetzt nicht weg. Wir bieten einen kostenlosen Adapter an, mit dem der T15 IEM in eine ER Form passt.

Hier erfahren Sie mehr über den T15.